President to usher in 2011 National Hakka Day

The China Post news staff

The first National Hakka Day, slated for celebration on Feb. 22 for most cities and counties, will be ushered in by President Ma Ying-jeou, Premier Wu Den-yi and over 850 honored guests on Feb. 19, in a night of performances toasting Hakka culture. The Cabinet-level Council for Hakka Affairs (CHA), with 62 Hakka groups, organized the special event with the aim to commemorate the contribution of the Hakka people to Taiwan’s multicultural society.

After consulting more than 8,000 Hakka opinion leaders, academics, politicians, and representatives from Hakka organizations, the CHA set the National Hakka Day on the 20th day of the first lunar month, which, in Hakka culture, is also “Sky Mending Day.”

To welcome National Hakka Day in public calendars, the government got together 18 county and city governments, 44 major Hakka cultural zones and an Asian association in Houston to organize 68 events.

The CHA will kick off the festivities on Feb. 19 for the celebration of the 2011 National Hakka Day, which is set to include a evening party for Hakka arts and culture held at the Novel Hall for Performing Arts, also known as Taiwan New Stage, in Taipei where several Hakka dance and music groups among other singers and entertainers will perform. For more information, please go to CHA’s website at: