Vending machines must now have recycling bins


TAIPEI–Starting from March, there must be a receptacle placed near every beverage vending machine in Taiwan to contain waste cans and bottles, the top environmental protection authority announced yesterday.

The government has revised its regulations on the installation of recycling facilities, ruling that businesses operating vending machines in public places should also install recycling bins within 50 meters of each machine, the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) said.

Violators will be punished with fines of between NT$60,000 (US$2,045) and NT$300,000, the EPA added.

Ma Nien-he, an executive secretary of the EPA’s Recycling Fund Management Board, explained that the new rule is designed to plug a loophole in the existing regulations governing waste recycling, under which shopping malls and chain stores are obliged to recycle waste batteries and containers.

In addition to vending machines, chain beverage stores will from May 1 be obliged to install recycling bins for waste paper and plastic cups, Ma said.