Supreme Court sentences man to 13 years prison

The China Post news staff

The Taiwan Supreme Court yesterday sentenced a Pingtung County man to 13 years imprisonment for the gang murder of the man with whom he got into a minor car accident in 2008.

The convicted man, surnamed Lee, used a baseball bat and beat the victim to death with the help of five friends, all of whom were charged with causing grievous bodily harm, with sentences ranging from six months to two years. According to court documents, in February 2008, Lee was driving in Wandan Township, Pingtung County, when his car collided with a driver surnamed Chen. The two men got into a heated, verbal altercation that ended when Chen broke Lee’s car windows in anger before leaving the scene. A furious Lee called up five of his friends and the gang proceeded to avenge the broken car window. The six men confronted Chen, demanding that he pay for the car damages. When Chen would not budge, Lee swung a baseball bat at Chen, who retaliated by hitting him with a wooden stool.

Lee’s friends quickly joined in, beating Chen, who tried to flee when he realized he was outnumbered. Lee chased him and repeatedly struck him on the back of his head until he fell. The gang left when it appeared that Chen could not get up. Hospital records show that Chen died due to severe head trauma that resulted in a fatal amount of blood loss. In the trial of the second instance, Lee claimed that the death was not premeditated but occurred as an accident only after both men engaged in the fight, claiming that it was done out of self-defense. The judge disagreed, seeing as Chen was a good 10 centimeters taller than Lee, yet died of head injuries, indicating that the attack had occurred when Chen was either running away or on the ground, which contradicted Lee’s theory of self-defense.

Lee was found guilty of murder and sentenced to 13 years imprisonment. The judge did not believe Lee’s five friends premeditated the killing, nor were they the attacker that delivered the fatal blow. They were each convicted of committing grievous bodily harm.