Hualien chief Fu wins top satisfaction rating

The China Post news staff

Magistrate Fu Kun-chi from eastern Hualien County was given the highest satisfaction rating concerning administrative performance and tourism development among all 17 county and city administrators in Taiwan, according to the latest public opinion polls.

Miaoli County chief Liu Cheng-hong came in the second place, the polls carried out Dec. 10-18 last year by Apollo Survey and Research Co. of the Want China Times Group showed. Ranked in third place was Chiayi Mayor Huang Ming-hui, followed by Chiayi County Magistrate Chang Hua-kuan. Taitung County Magistrate Huang Chien-ting and Pingtung County Magistrate Tsao Chi-hung shared the fifth spot. When presenting the awards on Sunday, Legislative Yuan Speaker Wang Jin-pyng said six of the award winners had formerly served as legislators and improved their administrative capability and accumulated practical experiences in the parliament. Wang said it was quite unusual for Magistrate Fu to win the exceptionally high satisfaction rating of 84.5 percent from residents in Hualien County. Fu’s dedicated efforts to helping people on the eastern coast of Taiwan, winning the central government’s support to upgrade the coastal Suhua Highway linking Hualien and Suao as well as the improved safety of the highway system were among major factors for his high performance rating, Wang said.

When receiving his award and citation, Fu said he only discovered that he had just a meager fund of NT$900 million available when he took up his position at the magistrate’s office. Fu urged the Executive Yuan (Cabinet) and his former colleagues in the Legislative Yuan to speed up the revisions of new rules governing the allocation of the budget and public debts so that local-level governments will have adequate capital to complete public projects to meet the needs of the people. There is also a need to complete the legislation of a statute for the development of eastern Taiwan to help areas on the eastern part of the island to accelerate their economic development and catch up with the levels on the western coast, Fu said.