Work, anxiety and sleep are top excuses men use to avoid sex

The China Post news staff

The China Post news staff — Work, anxiety, and the need to sleep are among the major excuses used by middle-aged Taiwanese men to skip sex with partners while around 45 percent of them admitted that they are dissatisfied with their own performances in bed. These were among the major findings in a recent survey conducted by the Taiwanese Association of Andrology.

The majority of the respondents are not sexually satisfied because they cannot maintain an erection, according to the results of the survey, which polled just 300 people between the ages of 40 and 70.

The results also show that 67 percent of those polled admitted having used either work, anxiety and stress, or a lack of sleep as excuses to not have sex with their partners when the real reason was erectile dysfunction, said Wang Chii-jye, president of the medical association said at a press conference yesterday.

Wang said the causes of erectile dysfunction are 90 percent physiological and include the consequences of smoking, alcohol abuse and a lack of male hormones while 10 percent are psychological.

It is a very common condition for adult men of middle and advanced ages, but not many people seek professional help, said Wang, who is also an impotence specialist at Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital.

“Even if they do seek medical help, they are reluctant to discuss the issue with their partners,” he added.

He cited the case of one of his patients who traveled from Taipei to Kaohsiung for medical consultations. “He lied to his wife saying that he was attending a business assignment, but in fact he was here to get an artificial penis,” Wang said.

The survey results also show that 64.7 percent of the respondents feel guilty when they turn down their partner’s invitations for sex.

About 20 percent of men have sensed the mounting tension in their relationships with wives or partners after excusing themselves from having intimate contact with the pretense that they need to turn in earlier for work or have a tight schedule the following day. But such practices can only increase the stress and the make the situation worse, Wang said. He encouraged men with trouble in bed to seek professional medical help or heed advice to take proper medicine that can help prolong sexual stamina for a reasonable period at a cost of only about NT$3,600 per month.