Online aphrodisiac trafficking ring busted

The China Post news staff

The China Post news staff — The computer-crime fighting division from the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Taipei City Police Department yesterday busted an illegal online drug trafficking ring, discovering that the ring earned profits of over NT$10 million in six months. The ring’s masterminds, identified as Peng Tze-wang, 43 and Yen Tsai-fu, 40, were arrested by the police, and their bank accounts and a massive amount of aphrodisiacs were confiscated.

The anti-computer crime division recently received a tip from the Department of Health under the Taipei City Government that a certain website dubbed “happy sex” had illegal promotional ads for some aphrodisiacs, saying that the drugs can effectively enhance the male erection and stimulate the female libido. The ads helped the suspects rake in profits of over NT$500,000 per week.

One of the drugs was found to contain “sildenafil,” an ingredient contained in Viagra, a famous erection drug, in an apparent violation of the nation’s Pharmaceuticals Law. In addition, among the drugs was “flypowder,” a kind of white crystal powder without color or scent that is alleged to be the newest “date rape” drug, as it can easily be dissolved in water or alcohol without being noticed. Any female taking the drug will faint and lose consciousness for up to 12 hours. Initial investigations by the police showed that the flypowder drug has been quite popular with online buyers, helping ring suspects rake in over NT$10 million in profits in just six months.