Gov’t relaxes regulations on elevators in buildings

The China Post news staff

The Ministry of the Interior’s Construction and Planning Agency yesterday announced that a new regulation to allow elevators to be constructed in apartment buildings less than five-stories high has been in practice since Friday. The latest amendment comes as a response to Taiwan’s ageing population, as elevators are an important accessibility feature for elderly citizens and the physically challenged, the agency said. Previous regulations on Constructing Buildings Act stipulated that owners of buildings six-stories or taller are required to construct elevators. However, many buildings less than five-stories could not build elevators because of the regulation.

With the increasing number of aged people within the country, the agency decided to relax the restriction to meet the needs of the people, according to the agency.

The latest amendment was officially put into practice on Friday, Feb. 25. Those who wish to apply to construct elevators in their buildings can file applications to local city or county governments.