Legislator pushing for a ban on junk food in school nationwide

The China Post news staff

As studies show that overweight children are 80 times more likely than their peers to become overweight as adults, a legislator is pushing to ban all junk food from school campuses nationwide. Kuomintang (KMT) legislator Chao Li-yun said Taiwan ranks 16th in the world for the highest overweight population, with many of the fat adults claiming that they have been overweight since childhood. According to the latest World Health Organization (WHO) statistics, there are 43 million children internationally under the age of five who are overweight; junk food was cited as the main contributor to those extra pounds.

Chao said that the WHO at the beginning of the year proposed children-centered locations such as schools and recreational areas stop serving foods high in sodium, sugar and fat. Although the government started limiting the sale of such food in 2005, reports say junk food is still easy to purchase on school grounds, from elementary to high school. Chao is pushing to amend Article 24 of the School Health Act to further restrict food that is harmful to one’s health through all levels of school in order to promote healthy eating and prevent future childhood obesity.