Fictional novel confused for historic fact by online readers

The China Post news staff

The China Post news staff–A historical fiction with a protagonist who brushes shoulders with Sun Yat-sen, complete with artfully photoshopped pictures, has confused many readers into believing that the online novel is based on fact. “China Pearl,” is a tale set in the 1930s about the incredible life of Paul Draken, a man of mixed-race (English and Chinese) origins traveling to Asia in search for his mother. His journey is colorful and he meets everyone from Sun to Adolf Hitler among other prominent figures in the historical timeframe.

As the described events actually took place and are detailed accurately, the fact-checked story, compounded with believable photos of Draken with Sun, have caused many readers and online commenters to insist that what they are reading is a piece of factual documentation. Crayon Yao, author of “China Pearl,” came forth to put these rumors to rest. “Everything, except for the fictional character of Paul Draken, is real,” Yao explained. “Everything that happens in the book, you can find in history, including the people.” “Even experts may have trouble telling fact from fiction,” Yao said, adding that he included the fake photos to enhance the “authenticity” and believability of Draken’s encounters.