Annual health premium info to be available online: BNHI


TAIPEI — Holders of natural person certificates, a virtual document used for identity verification, will from April be able to download details of their annual health premium details online, the Bureau of National Health Insurance (BNHI) said Monday. Taiwanese nationals will have online access to their national health insurance (NHI) payment details on websites of both the bureau and the National Tax Administration, said Huang San-quei, deputy director-general of the BNHI. At present, only those insured under category 1 — referring to employees, employers, civil servants and technical specialists — and category 6 or the unemployed, can apply for payment details through the tax administration. The health premiums of military conscripts and people in low-income households, who belong to categories 4 and 5, respectively, are paid for by the government and thus the premium data cannot be retrieved. NHI Supervisory Committee member Eva Teng said it is important to offer digital individual payment details because of the confusion that could arise from a new premium calculation plan under the second generation NHI program to be launched in 2012. She added that the public should also be aware of the government’s annual medical expenditure so as to decrease the waste of medical resources. Huang said the public can also visit the bureau’s information desk to receive payment details. Huang noted that the bureau used to deliver such details through the postal service but this was scrapped because many said they do not want their health condition revealed to their spouses and families.