Science park project halted after latest court ruling

The China Post news staff

The third-stage development of Central Taiwan Science Park (CTSP) has been put on hold following the latest court ruling from Taipei High Administrative Court, as the court believes that the developmental project did not enter the second phase of environmental assessment as regulated could be harmful to the health of local residents. Lin San-chia, the appointed lawyer of the residents who filed the lawsuit against the project, said the development should stop at once according to present court ruling. Although CTSP can still file an appeal, the ruling is effective immediately. Judges of the collegiate bench believe that the polluted water, which is harmful to human health, was coming from optoelectronics factories operating in the science park. “The developmental project should stop before the entire administrative lawsuit settles,” said the judges, and the whole developmental project should enter the second phase of environmental assessment required by the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA). The Supreme Administrative court ruled last September that the developmental project may cause “unrecoverable damages” to the residents, and all constructions and operations should halt until further environmental assessment has been made.

The science park however passed EPA’s environmental assessment with conditions before the Supreme Administrative court ruling then, and the permit obtained from the evaluation allowed the park to continue its development, regardless of the court ruling. Local residents filed an administrative lawsuit after EPA announced the result of the environmental evaluation.