Legendary tycoon’s wife passes away at age of 88

The China Post news staff

Yang Chiao (楊嬌), The second wife of the late Taiwanese tycoon Wang Yung-ching (王永慶), died from septicemia late yesterday. She was 88. Yang was famous for her silence on the relationship between her and Wang, the founder of the Formosa Plastic Group and one of Taiwan’s legendary businessmen. In 2008, Yang spoke publicly for the first time about her late husband, describing him as a hardworking person with great contribution to Taiwan. “The beginning was difficult, both he and I was working very hard. We fought together (for the business) for 15 years until he married his third wife,” she said.

Yang is survived by Hung Jen Group Chairman Winston Wong (王文洋, his chose a different spelling for his last name than his family members), HTC Chairwoman Cher Wang (王雪紅), First International Computer founder Wang Hsueh-ling (王雪齡), Wang Kui-yun (王貴雲), an executive at FPG-affiliated Nan Ya Plastics Corp., and Wang Wen-hsiang (王文祥), executive at a FPG-affiliated company in the U.S.