Taiwan set to grow crops overseas to meet demand


TAIPEI — Taiwan is planning to follow in the footsteps of other countries by growing crops overseas to meet domestic demand amid soaring prices of raw materials, the agriculture agency said yesterday.

The Cabinet-level Council of Agriculture (COA) said it is mulling countries in the region with which it could cooperate, citing Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam as possible candidates for growing crops such as corn, rice, soy beans and wheat.

The overseas production plan, which will be implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is likely to be finalized within two months, according to the COA.

Taiwan will also learn from the experiences of China, Japan and South Korea in growing crops overseas, it added.

On the possible forms of cooperation, the COA said, the government could encourage Taiwanese companies to engage in overseas crop production by offering subsidies or asking state-run companies to work with private companies to produce the crops.

The overseas production idea will be on the agenda of an inter-ministry meeting to be held next week to address the issue of the raw material price issue, according to the council.