Phone app names flower through camera photo

The China Post news staff

The China Post news staff — Smart phone applications have raised the bar again, as they now allow users to immediately look up the names of flowers simply by taking a picture of the plant. The “Flower Goddess, Flora” application allows users to quickly identify flowers by snapping a photo of the flower with smart phone cameras. The app then compares the picture against a database of flower images using an original image-recognition technology designed by National Taiwan University’s (NTU) Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering (CSIE). The new app was unveiled yesterday at the “New Science Creates New Civilization” exhibition taking place at the school.

Another application programmed by CSIE allows users to report potholes to the Taipei City Government by taking pictures of the potholes with smart phones and immediately uploading the information to the city. While uploading, the app automatically detects the user’s current location and sends the coordinates to the city along with the photo. The exhibition runs from March 1 to 11 at The Gallery of National Taiwan University History as a part of the NTU Azalea Festival.