Politicians in uproar over celebrities’ cleavage

The China Post news staff

The prevalence of female entertainers revealing a copious amount of cleavage and cheekily hailing it their “career lifeline” has worried many political leaders, who cite their ostentatious display as a huge step back for women and gender equality in the workplace. Kuomintang (KMT) Legislator Hung Hsiu-chu pushed for employers and the general public to value knowledge and professional expertise over anything else, while Taipei City Councilor Chen Yui-mei cautioned against the blatant objectification of women. At a press conference held by a local women’s rights group yesterday, showing cleavage became the hottest topic. Chen, head of the KMT’s Women’s Department, voiced concern at the ubiquitous cleavage baring of female entertainers and the inference that showing so much skin was a career maker. As an example, Chen pointed out a promotional campaign for a sportswear brand that had female models walking around in their underwear in front of MRT stations. “This is not liberation, not forward-thinking,” she said, “This is objectification.” The city councilor urged the media to stop perpetuating such news and urged brands to refrain from making blatantly sexual advertisements that demean women. Hung expressed concern regarding the talk shows that center on female celebrities discussing their “career lifelines,” which were often proudly on display.

If such assets are so good for your career, where is the male “lifeline?” Hung wondered aloud. She urged the entertainment industry to place emphasis on acting skills and character, not just body parts.