MRT to expand disabled, senior discount program


TAIPEI–All of Taiwan’s senior citizens and physically challenged individuals will be entitled to a 50 percent discount on mass rapid transit (MRT) fares in Taipei and Kaohsiung beginning April 1, a division chief of the Consumer Protection Commission announced.

The preferential treatment was previously limited only to residents of the two special municipalities who are aged above 65 or physically challenged, Chen Chin-fang said, but will now be offered to visitors from outside the two cities.

The new measure was initiated after authorities convinced local governments outside of Taipei and Kaohsiung to bear the costs of the discounted fares rather than having the MRT operators in the two cities absorb the losses in revenue, Chen noted.

At present, only Taipei and Kaohsiung operate MRT systems. Taichung City in central Taiwan is preparing an MRT line, but construction has yet to begin.