Premier refutes corruption charges against KMT lawmaker

The China Post news staff

Premier Wu Den-yih traded words with opposition Democratic Progressive Party lawmaker Yu John-dow (余政道) over Yu’s accusation that “a certain Kuomintang legislator” aided his/her brother to win public tenders.

The unnamed KMT lawmaker “with good relations to the preimer” helped his/her sibling to win public tenders with the state-owned petroleum company CPC on multiple occasions, an obvious case of conflict of interest, Yu said. The brother won the tenders by offering bids that almost identically matched the starting bid prices. The DPP lawmaker demanded the Ministry of Justice investigate the case and complete the probe within three months. In response, the premier called on Yu not to continue pointless partisan insinuations while pointing out that the “biggest corruption convict in Taiwan is a DPP member” — probably referring former President Chen Shui-bian, who is serving a 19-year sentence for corruption.   If there will be some bad apples in the KMT just as there are many good apples in the DPP, Wu said.

Dumbfounded, Yu responded that the premier “is just eloquent.” To that Wu responded immediately that the debate has nothing to do with eloquence and urged Yu not to imply his or his party’s involvement in corruption cases based only on an acusing letter that he received.