Japan cosmetic supplies unaffected by earthquake

The China Post news staff

As supplies of Japanese brands of cosmetic products have not been affected by the devastating quake and tsunami which hit northeastern Japan, domestic dealers said yesterday they have no plan to hike their sales prices in Taiwan.

Dealers of Shiseido cosmetics products said that they import the products from Japan on a monthly basis, and those products which will be sold in April were ordered in early March and have already been shipped to Taiwan. In addition, as Shiseido’s plants are not located in northeastern Japan, the brand’s production operations haven’t been affected by the disasters.

Dealers of Kanebo cosmetics also noted that the brand is ready to kick off its Mother’s Day sales campaign, and all the shipments of Kanebo and its two affiliated RMK and CHIC CHOC cosmetic brands have reached Taiwan. Accordingly, the campaign will be launched as scheduled and there are no plans to increase prices.

In addition, ALBION cosmetic products for the Mother’s Day sales campaign were already shipped to Taiwan at the end of February, and production plants are not located in the disaster-stricken areas.