700 products imported from Japan are safe: AEC

The China Post news staff

The Cabinet-level Atomic Energy Council (AEC) yesterday released findings of a survey of over 700 food products to be sold domestically, showing that all the products examined don’t contain higher radiation doses than standard levels. AEC officials said that the food products examined include fish, shrimp, green alga, imported seafoods, general mineral water and animal feeds, with the quantity of radiation contained in the examined products all below standard levels. Accordingly, the officials said, it’s safe for consumers to use the 700 food products examined.

Also yesterday, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under the Cabinet-level Department of Health decided to request local importers of Japanese agricultural products to provide certificates of origin for all products shipped to Taiwan after March 12, in order to safeguard the health of local consumers. FDA officials said Taiwan imports 18-19 million metric tons of agricultural products from Japan per year, including large amounts of apples and strawberries from the Aomori and Miyagi prefectures seriously ravaged by the fatal quake and subject to nuclear radioactive contaminants generated after the explosion at Fukushima nuclear power plant.