Health authorities warn of possible measles outbreak

The China Post news staff

The China Post news staff–Health authorities yesterday warned of a possible measles outbreak in Taipei City’s Wenshan District and told the residents there to be on guard after confirming three cases.

A spokesman for Centers for Disease Control said genetic sequencing has tentatively confirmed a 28-year-old male Swiss student, a 20-year-old female Taiwanese student, and a one-year-old baby, all from Wenshan, have contracted the highly contagious respiratory diseases “from the same viral sources.” The baby, who contracted the disease from the female college coed earlier this month, has been discharged from hospital in fair condition. Condition of the two grownups is not immediately known. The Swiss lives about a “10-minute walk” from the female student, and the two and the baby are total strangers to each other. The Swiss, who returned to Taiwan from India during the Lunar New Year break, appears to be the first of the three to come down with the disease. Next came the female student, whose onset is dated February 16. There was a two-day overlap in the two’s incubation periods.

The female student then passed the virus on to the baby, who has had contact with 155 people, one of whom is another baby who has never been immunized against measles with the so-called MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine. The second baby’s condition also is not known.

The spokesman said CDC will continue to monitor the situation before confirming the disease is not spreading further.