Japan winds blowing out to Pacific Ocean: CWB

The China Post news staff

Although northeast monsoon will head towards Taiwan starting today, the radiation pollutants generated by the explosion of Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan won’t move towards Taiwan, as the said monsoon will come from northern China, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) said yesterday. CWB forecaster Chen Wei-liang said that winds in Japan are blowing toward the Central Pacific Ocean, and therefore Taiwan won’t be affected by the radioactive contaminants from Japan.

With the cold front coming southward from the mainland, local temperatures in areas north of Miaoli County, hit 9 degrees Celsius in the northeastern coastal areas, and the offshore Kinmen and Matsu counties.

The cold weather will last through Thursday, and the temperatures will go up on Friday.

Also yesterday, Tsai Chun-hong, director general of the Atomic Energy Council told lawmakers that the radiation value monitored in Taiwan hasn’t increased in the 24 hours since the explosion at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, indicating that the explosion hasn’t affected Taiwan at all.

Tsai noted that all the council’s 30 radiation monitoring stations will continue to closely monitor the situation.