Twelve Taipei businesses declared a public hazard

The China Post News Staff

Taipei City Government yesterday released a report, following its recent safety checks on public places, listing 12 business establishments, mostly entertainment ones, on its public hazard list and threatening punishment if they failed to make improvements. The report accuses the 12 businesses of serious violations and a further 80 businesses of minor misdeeds.

The move came on the heels of the March 6 Taichung pub blaze that killed nine people. The dozen business establishments include the highly popular Sung-chiang Cashbox KTV (錢櫃) and Luxy Taipei, a new night club that calls itself a “contemporary nightlife complex.”

Punitive measures include affixing stickers on their entrances to warn prospective patrons or customers.

The stickers will inform the public that these businesses have failed to pass safety checks, said Taipei City mayor Hao Lung-bin, who commented on the issue yesterday morning. Hao also vowed to make future checks “totally transparent” and promised “re-checks.”