Wanted criminal brought back from the Philippines

The China Post news staff

Agents from the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) yesterday escorted a man, who has on the run for drug smuggling and trafficking offenses for a decade, back from the Philippines to Taiwan.

According to the CIB’s International Criminal Affairs Section, the fugitive, surnamed Huang, was sentenced to nine years in prisons by the Supreme Court in March 2009 for smuggling amphetamines from mainland China to Taiwan and selling 130 kilograms of the drug for NT$90,000 per kilogram from September 2005 to May 2006.

The Pingtung District Prosecutors Office issued a warrant for Huang’s arrest on July 2009 after he fled two months earlier, escaping to Xiamen, mainland China. The Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Office also issued a warrant for the man in December 2009 for a separate charge of violation of gun control laws, the CIB said. Huang traveled between Xiamen and the Philippines on business trips frequently but later was stranded in Manila after his business fell apart. He was recently apprehended by the Philippine authorities and was handed over to CIB agents yesterday.