Japanese food imports tested for radiation levels


TAIPEI–Taiwan is continuing to inspect food imports from Japan for radioactive contamination but has so far not discovered any abnormalities, Atomic Energy Council (AEC) Minister Tsai Chuen-horng said yesterday.

Thirty-six Japanese food products have been sampled for tests since Japan’s nuclear disaster, and the radiation levels in all tested products have been found to be within legal limits, Tsai said during a news conference organized by several ruling Kuomintang legislators.

Regarding the issue of inspecting travelers arriving from Japan into local airports, Tsai said that of the more than 4,500 people inspected as of March 17, only 26 were detected with excessive levels of radiation on their clothing or bodies.

However, he went on, this does not mean that these people were contaminated to dangerous levels, although they had probably come into contact with some radioactive fallout. The AEC will further expand the passenger inspections to seaports, he continued.

The AEC has requested help from the National Science Council to speed up the process, according to the minister.