Many Taiwanese are canceling Japan trips

The China Post news staff

Travel agencies in Taiwan have seen huge amounts of cancellations of trips to Japan from people scared by the escalating nuclear crisis, a report said yesterday. One the agencies said more than 1,000 of its clients from Kaohsiung alone have called off their trips to Japan, the United Evening News said. Now the agencies are trying their best to rearrange their trips to other destinations in Southeast Asia, such as Bangkok and Phuket Island, or in China, the paper said, adding flights to these alternative areas have been in high demand. Japan has traditionally been a favorite destination for Taiwan tourists, with March and April being a peak season.

But the government has now issued a travel warning for many parts of Japan due to the nuclear crisis. Hsu Kao-ching from Taiwan’s national association of travel agencies, said canceling trips to most parts of Japan has not been a problem, except for Ryukyu, which is not covered in the travel warning, according to the United Evening News. But many people are also canceling their Ryukyu trips, which results in at least a 10 percent charge according to the government-standardized contract, Hsu was cited as saying. Meanwhile, many tourists from Japan have also been canceling their trips to Taiwan, the newspaper said. But the number of Chinese tourists has been increasing rapidly, with some hotels in Kaoshiung saying that bookings from Chinese tour groups have already extended to May, according to the paper.