Another ‘book bomb’ found in Indonesia: police


JAKARTA — Indonesian police found an explosive device Friday on the outskirts of Jakarta, they said, after four “book bombs” were sent to moderate Muslim figures and a counter-terror official in the capital. The latest bomb was found in a residential complex in the Cibubur area, and exploded soon after a police bomb squad removed it to an empty plot of land. Nobody was injured.

Local police chief chief Dadang Raharja told Metro TV: “The package was inside a plastic bag and on it a warning was written that it contained a bomb with some Arabic writing.” Since Tuesday, police in Jakarta have found four “book bombs,” one of them sent to Ulil Abshar Abdalla, a well-known liberal Muslim figure who espouses pluralism and religious tolerance, which exploded, injuring four people. Another was discovered on Thursday at the Jakarta home of musician Ahmad Dhani, who is known for his songs protesting against religious extremism, sent in a hollowed-out book. The others were mailed to former top counter-terrorism police official Goris Mere and Yapto Suryosumarno, chairman of youth organization Pemuda Pancasila.