Temperatures to decline sharply in northern Taiwan on cold air mass

The China Post news staff

The China Post news staff–Temperatures in northern Taiwan will drop sharply today due to the arrival of a cold air mass, but will pick up on Sunday, a Central Weather Bureau (CWB) forecast said yesterday. CWB officials said that a cold front reached northern Taiwan last night and was followed by a cold air mass this morning, which is set to make temperatures plunge 10 degrees Celsius to around 17-18 degrees in the daytime in the northern part of the island, starting today and carrying on through to Sunday morning. The temperature will decline to 12 degrees or so at its lowest point in northern and northeastern Taiwan. In other words, the forecaster said, people in northern Taiwan will again experience cold and rainy weather.

As for central and southern Taiwan, temperatures won’t drop remarkably until this afternoon, when people will start to feel the impact of the cold air mass. The lowest temperatures will be is 13 degrees Celsius in central Taiwan and 14 degrees in southern Taiwan.

CWB officials noted that the nuclear pollutants generated by the explosion of the Fukushima nuclear power plant are set to blow towards eastern and southeastern Japan, thereby not affecting Taiwan. Local people don’t have to worry about possible nuclear contaminants plaguing them, the officials stressed.