Tighter parole rules for repeat sex offenders: Wu


TAIPEI–Premier Wu Den-yin said yesterday that he was supporting an initiative to tighten the threshold for parole in cases of repeat sex offenders, as a way of helping to protect innocent people.

“Showing mercy to wicked people is tantamount to enacting cruelty on kind ones,” the premier said at a legislative hearing on a recent case in which a 13-year girl was raped and killed by a frequent sex offender suspect.

Police arrested a suspect surnamed Lin after they reviewed footage from street cameras and found the girl’s bicycle near his home in Yunlin County. Lin confessed to strangling the girl to death as she fiercely resisted his attempts to rape her.

The case has triggered massive public outcry, as Lin had a record of two sex offence convictions and had just been released from jail on parole in February.

Questioning were raised in public forums on whether the country’s parole laws were being abused, particularly in cases involving repeat sex offenders.

The family of the latest rape victim has raised the question of whether the crime prevention authorities in Yunlin County had failed in their duties by not mandating that Lin wear an electronic tag, as is required for sex offenders on parole. “How can such villains be freed from prison over and over and allowed to hurt more innocent people?” the girl’s father asked.

He called on the government to immediately revise the existing policies on preventing sex crimes.

Premier Wu said that the Justice Ministry should also consider a regulation that would require sex offenders on parole to wear GPS devices that would allow full time monitoring.