Cabinet approves bill for private foreign jet travel

The China Post news staff

Taiwan’s cabinet yesterday approved a draft bill of the Civil Aviation Act (民用航空法) to relax a previous restriction, allowing private-owned foreign jets to freely travel in Taiwan. The draft bill stipulates that owners of foreign private jets are allowed to land or take off, and to travel from one destination to another within the territory of the Republic of China for non-profit purpose once approved by related authorities. The draft bill cleared during an Executive Yuan session yesterday morning, which also decided to partially open operating rights to foreign aviation companies. Government units are allowed to rent or borrow privately-owned foreign jets for official business purposes, according to the latest draft bill. The Ministry of Transportation and Communications, said yesterday that the proposal was made in response to the rising demands of businesspersons regarding foreign-owned private jets. The draft is expected to help Taiwan level out with the international community and retain its competitiveness in the globalizing world.

The draft bill still needs to be screened by the Legislative Yuan.