MOI to amend sexual assault prevention law

The China Post news staff

The Ministry of the Interior (MOI) will amend the Sexual Assault Crime Prevention Act to legalize publication of the names and photos of those who perpetrated sex offenses before June 30, 2006, Interior Minister Jiang Yi-huah said yesterday. Jiang made the remarks when delivering a report at a legislative session on how to prevent incidents such as the recent case where a convicted sex offender allegedly raped and murdered a teenage girl in Yunlin County on March 12, shortly after his release. The offender was released in February and was scheduled to attend his post-prison counseling session on April 1.

The amendment to the Act is modeled after Megan’s Law — an informal name for laws in the U.S. requiring enforcement authorities to make information regarding registered sex offenders available to the public.

Jiang said people who committed sexual assault crimes before June 30, 2006 are not subject to mandatory therapy after being released, as required by Article 91-1 of the Criminal Act, thus it’s necessary for the MOI to revise Article 23-1 of the Sex Assault Crime Prevention Act to give judges the right to publicize the names and photos of such offenders after they are released from jail, especially if they are deemed likely to re-offend following a comprehensive evaluation. The move is expected to effectively prevent repeated sex offenses. Chemical Castration