Job vacancies up 26% from 2010, 4% since January: survey

The China Post news staff

Businesses are hiring people in the second quarter of the year after experiencing a 30 percent turnover increase last year, according to two separate surveys. One of the two surveys, both conducted by human resource service company, found more than three quarters of the country’s businesses have a need for more employees, with each business looking to add on average 13.58 persons to their payroll.

Survey results released yesterday show the availability of more than 300,000 job openings in February, 4 percent more than in January, revealing a 26 percent annual compound growth rate.

Most vacancies are found in the service, IT, manufacturing, medical, farming, animal husbandry, and environmental industries, said the survey, adding 26.7 percent of the surveyed businesses are looking for people to take up positions vacated after the Lunar New Year break, while 23.3 percent are hiring as part of their expansion plans. The other survey conducted by found about 30 percent of the 1,206 wage earners polled succeeded in their search for greener pastures. More than two-fifths of the polled blamed their departure on poor benefits, while 39.29 percent cited “personal career plans” as the reason for jettisoning their old job and 26.79 percent said they were looking for “better pay.” Of the other 70 percent who are still stuck with their old jobs, about three quarters cited “hesitation to change jobs” and “satisfaction with present job” as their reasons for staying where they were.