CIB, police bust Taoyuan drug factory, smugglers

The China Post news staff

The Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) under the National Police Agency yesterday busted an amphetamine factory in Taoyuan County, arresting a suspect who is also responsible for sending smugglers to distribute his drugs to Japan. The CIB’s Ninth Investigation Brigade and the Taoyuan Police were tipped off earlier this year that the suspect, a man surnamed Lin, was distributing amphetamine to Japan by recruiting smugglers, who would package the pills in condoms and hide them in their anal cavities to avoid detection by customs inspections. A CIB investigation found that at least four persons — all of them were apprehended — had worked as smugglers for Lin and his accomplice, surnamed Pan, in several successful trafficking runs to Japan since April 2010. After Pan was arrested earlier, Lin went further in his illegal activities and began manufacturing his own amphetamine.

To pinpoint the elusive Lin, who moved constantly to avoid the police, the CIB cooperated with New Taipei City Police and tracked the suspect down to a rented room where the authorities under the direction of Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office arrested him yesterday. They also took with them about 2 kilograms of amphetamine products, 500 kilograms of semi-finished material, raw materials and drug making equipment.