MND to adjust chief, deputy ranks

The China Post news staff

The Ministry of National Defense (MND) announced that it plans to readjust the title for chief of the general staff from General to Lieutenant General, while the deputy chief of staff will be adjusted from Lieutenant General to Major General. Local media reported that in the future, the 4-star insignia for chief of staff will be lowered to 3 stars. However, the current chief of staff will maintain the 4-star general title until 2014, after which the position will be up for grabs.

The MND issued a press release yesterday evening stating that it will uphold its new defense policy that includes upgrading the national military system to fit international standards.

As part of the implementation of this policy, many aspects of the current system, including titles and ranks, will be adjusted. This includes the position of chief of staff and deputy chief of staff and does not put into consideration personnel issues.

The ministry said the policy will significantly streamline the force in accordance with the Executive Yuan’s restructuring of the system. The Legislative Yuan, when reviewing the policy draft, wished to avoid instability in the operational command system by adjusting the chief of staff and deputy chief of staff at the same time. Hence, it was decided that the adjustments would be made within three years of the policy coming into effect.