Foundation encourages elderly to display creative abilities


TAIPEI–A social welfare group in Taipei launched a center yesterday to encourage more senior citizens to engage in creative activities and to display their artistic abilities.

“Many retired men and women find themselves with free time on their hands and no hobbies or interests to absorb them,” said Hsieh Hsiao-chi, an employee at the Huashan Social Welfare Foundation.

“We need to encourage them to develop some creative interests, whether it’s painting, drawing or language learning,” Hsieh told the Central News Agency in an interview.

The new exhibition space is meant to highlight the fact that the elderly can lead full and productive lives, and to encourage them to display their talents there, Hsieh said.

The exhibition space in the northern Taipei district of Shilin was first opened in 1996 as an activity center where senior citizens gathered for chess or mahjong games, or to do exercise.