Soccer fan offers prized tickets for stolen dog


LIMA — A soccer fan who adores his dog even more than the game is offering prized tickets to a Peru-Paraguay World Cup qualifying match to the thief who drove off with his car and beloved Shih Tzu, “Chocolate.” “I don’t care about the car, all I want is my dog,” Luis Reveredo told AFP. Reveredo said he had left the beige and white Shih Tzu mixed breed in his car during a family get-together because he was barking too much. “As bad luck would have it, they stole the car and with it my little dog,” he said. To get the pooch back, Reveredo is offering two tickets to Friday’s game in Lima between Peru and Paraguay.

The start of the 2014 World Cup elimination rounds for South America has soccer fans here very excited. He waited in line all night to buy prime seats, which he said cost him 300 soles (US$110 dollars) per ticket and can now be scalped at four times the price. Reveredo, whose story has been picked up by the Peruvian media, said he has received two calls so far, but both were false alarms. His wife and children are depressed, he said. “He’s my wife’s favorite pet. I would say she prefers ‘Chocolate’ to me.”