Abandoned pet cats turn to cannibalism in rented house

The China Post news staff

The China Post news staff–Five cats were eaten to death by other starving felines abandoned by their original owner, according to the police. The case came to light after a landlady surnamed Tseng called the Animal Protection Office of the Taipei City Government on Sunday seeking help to deal with the “tragedy.” Tseng said that she started to receive complaints from neighbors last month about odor from a house located on Section 2 of Yenping Road, Taipei and rented to a female tenant.

Tseng told animal protection officials that as many as 14 cats were abandoned by the female tenant, 29 and named Peng Shi-han, who left after failing to pay monthly rental in June. Tseng tried to find Peng to take away the cats, but failed

When Tseng and an animal protection official entered the rented house, they found 11 cats apparently starved to death more than a month ago, and five of them had been partially eaten. The surviving three cats were malnourished, suffered anemia, and were plagued by fleas. They were rushed to a veterinary hospital for treatment.

Director Yen Yi-feng of the Animal Protection Office said that one can easily judge from the terrible scene that if cats are in serious starvation, they can’t help eating other cats. Yen said that the bodies of the dead cats have been frozen, and the case has been transferred to the police for further investigation.

The police have located the whereabouts of the female tenant Peng Shi-han, and asked her to explain abandoning of the 14 cats.

Peng may face a maximum fine of NT$500,000 for fatal animal neglect, or a jail term of under one year, based on the Animal Protection Act. But spokesman Ni Ching-tai of the Animal Rescue Team Taiwan charged has asked prosecutors to demand heavier punishment on Peng.