Shooting at riverside park sends contractor to Mackay Memorial

The China Post news staff

The China Post news staff–A man with a gunshot wound in his head was admitted to the emergency ward of Mackay Memorial Hospital in Taipei after an early morning shooting incident yesterday in the city’s Dajia Riverside Park that also left a woman slight wounded.

The 55-year-old New Taipei City building contractor, identified by his surname Su, and his female friend, identified by her surname Li, were attacked by at least two gunmen at around 6 a.m., when Su was just through parking the car. The gunmen fired a total of a dozen shots from behind the car when Su and Li were still inside. Police responding to calls by passers-by cordoned off the area and found 12 bullet shells on the ground. The gunmen had departed before the arrival of police officers and emergency crews.

No word was heard from the hospital about the condition of the wounded man as of press time, while the police were poring over security camera footage for clues.

The Dajia Riverside Park, formerly an exhibition venue during the Taipei Floral Expo, is now a popular hangout for exercise, jogging and cycling enthusiasts. There should be no shortage of eyewitnesses, according to the police.