Traffic controls to go into effect on holiday weekend


TAIPEI — Traffic controls will be implemented on all the nation’s freeways to cope with anticipated spikes during the three-day Double Ten National Day weekend, the National Freeway Bureau (NFB) said yesterday.

Traffic is expected to increase significantly on the freeways after 3 p.m., said Kang Jhy-fu, director of the bureau’s traffic management department.

“We are expecting an average of between 1.9 million and 2.3 million motorists per day during the holiday,” Kang said, adding that traffic volume and travel patterns over the holiday could be similar to during the three-day Mid-Autumn Festival weekend in September.

To provide motorists with an incentive to stay off the freeways during the day over the Oct. 8-10 holiday, the bureau said all freeways will be toll-free throughout the holiday between midnight and 7 a.m.

The bureau will also open hard shoulders to traffic and implement entrance ramp controls. High occupancy vehicle controls, however, are not planned.