National Day ceremony attended by Pelosi in US


LOS ANGELES — Nancy Pelosi, minority leader of the U.S. House of Representatives, spoke at a dinner party held in San Francisco Saturday celebrating the 100th National Day of the Republic of China.

It was the first time that Pelosi — the first woman ever to serve as speaker of the House of Representatives — attended an R.O.C. National Day dinner party in San Francisco.

Over 1,000 dignitaries and people friendly to the R.O.C. on Taiwan attended the dinner party, which was also the largest National Day party ever thrown in San Francisco, with 103 banquet tables.

The dinner party was preceded by a national flag raising ceremony, a large-scale parade with 132 teams taking part, and a lion dance featuring 100 Chinese lions, held earlier in the day.

Taiwan’s National Day every Oct. 10 marks the Wuchang Uprising against the Qing Dynasty on Oct. 10, 1911. The uprising was the start of the 1911 Revolution that led to the creation of the Republic of China on Jan. 1, 1912.