Courtroom insults spur 50-day term after man launches rant in Taipei

The China Post news staff

A man in Taipei was sentenced to 50 days in custody yesterday after he was found guilty of insulting public agencies by calling both a ruling judge and the Taipei District Court bad names. Dissatisfied with a court ruling in mid-June, the angry 66-year-old man surnamed Tsao protested the verdict and called the female judge a “bastard” and called the court a “canine fart public agency.” Tsao kept returning to the court room to vent his anger, although the judge had asked court bailiffs to escort him out of the room. He also openly accused the judge of “taking orders from lawyers who functioned as brokers.” The judge eventually slapped him with a punishment of staying 50 days in custody, after prosecutors indicted him of insulting public agencies with contempt. But Tsao still can appeal the court ruling or pay a fine in lieu of remaining in custody. Tsao told reporters that he held no contempt of the judge or any public authorities.

Tsao said he was expressing his views over a court ruling concerning his father. He said his father passed away after being designated as an “interdicted person,” a person ruled as incapable of managing his estate mainly because of mental incapacity. However, Tsao said his father’s assets worth NT$12 million were still diverted to other persons’ names due to the failure of court to safeguard his father’s property in accordance with the nation’s law.

Tsao explained that he was commenting mainly on the previous court ruling concerning the illegal transfer of his late father’s assets rather than targeting any particular persons. But he did not say whether he plans to file an appeal for a new trial or pay the fine to avoid custody.