Safety is focus of cross-strait pact: AEC


TAIPEI — A nuclear cooperation agreement between Taiwan and China will focus on safety and emergency notification, but the details have not yet been finalized, the Atomic Energy Council (AEC) said yesterday.

The signing of the pact, scheduled during the next round of cross-strait talks in Tianjin from Oct. 19 to Oct. 21, will be based on the principles of equality, dignity and reciprocity and the content is focused on two areas — nuclear safety, and notification in case of emergency, the council said. The AEC did not divulge any other details of the agreement, saying only that the process of notification and cooperation in various areas will be decided before the signing.

Further discussion is required on some aspects of the agreement such as nuclear safety regulations, technology and exchanges, it added. AEC Chairman Tsai Chuen-horng said earlier in the day at a legislative hearing that Taiwan’s exchanges with Japan and the United States have yielded good results, and the same is expected when the agreement with China is concluded. However, he noted that while Taiwan is trying to reduce the percentage of nuclear power in its total energy supply, the opposite is happening in China. The safety of the Taiwan people will be a priority in the cross-strait talks, he said. “We hope the pact will conform to the principles of equality, dignity and mutual benefit and we’ll move towards that goal,” Tsai said The nuclear pact will be important to Taiwanese businessmen in China, he said, noting that there are many nuclear power plants in the coastal areas of China where a large percentage of Taiwanese entrepreneurs are based. The AEC will be able to give them first-hand information and inform residents there of contingency plans in the event of emergencies, he said.