Greater Taipei restaurant food waste valued at NT$1.8 billion

The China Post news staff

The China Post news staff–The wastes of food materials recorded by restaurants in greater Taipei are valued at around NT$1.8 billion a year, a figure that can cover four years of lunch meals for 82,000 primary school students in remote areas, according to findings of a survey released yesterday by the Unilever Food Solutions.

Unilever just completed a survey of 357 restaurants in Taipei City and New Taipei City to learn how they deal with food materials along with the growing population dining out. The survey showed that the average annual procurement of food materials by each restaurant reaches NT$1.54 million, with 6.8 percent of which wasted during the processing of food materials. This translates into an aggregate waste of NT$1.8 billion per year for restaurants in the greater Taipei area.

It was found that 33 percent of cookers said their food materials became overdue because their failure to be stored properly. Meanwhile, up to 90 percent of restaurants polled said they tended to purchase more food materials than needed, and were forced to abandon the excess food finally.

In addition, some 30 percent of cookers opined that they failed to completely digest food materials due to lackluster consumer demand. This indicated that the cookers failed to accurately grasp consumer demand.