Vatican announces appointment of 1st local-born archbishop of Manila

By Jerome Aning, Philippine Daily Inquirer/Asia News Network

MANILA — The Vatican has appointed Imus Bishop Ramon Tagle to succeed Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales, after his resignation was accepted by Pope Benedict XVI. Tagle’s appointment was announced by Papal Nuncio Giuseppe Pinto in Manila. The appointment was officially announced 6 p.m. Thursday Manila time (12 noon in the Vatican).

“We thank the Lord for Cardinal Rosales who has served the Archdiocese of Manila for the past eight years. He has indeed been a gift to the archdiocese and a good shepherd to all of us. We also praise and thank the Lord for giving the archdiocese a new shepherd after His own heart. We wholeheartedly welcome Archbishop Tagle to the Archidocese of Manila,” said a statement issued by the archdiocese. Tagle, 54, is the first Manila-born archbishop of Manila. He was ordained priest in 1982 and appointed Imus bishop in 2001. Imus is one of the suffragan dioceses of the Manila metropolitan archdiocese. Tagle hosts a Sunday program, “The Word Exposed” on ANC, Studio 23 and the government-owned NBN. He also has a Facebook page, which is currently being flooded by congratulations from online fans. He is affectionately known by his nickname, Chito.