Apple contractors’ shares see mixed results

The China Post news staff

As seven countries kicked off the sale of the iPhone 4S, Apple’s newest device, stocks of the U.S. computer giant’s Taiwan contractors and component suppliers fluctuated within a narrow range yesterday. Shares of Apple Inc., however, closed up by about 1 percent at US$408.43 on Wall Street.

Share prices of Hon Hai, TPK Holding, Catcher Technology, Foxconn, and Genius Electronic Optical went up slightly, while those of Largan Precision and Career Technology went down, also slightly, after a recent rally. These shares, albeit denied a significant rally that normally comes with the first-day sale of a new Apple device – in this case the iPhone 4S and not the long awaited iPhone 5 — represented the mainstay in the recent upward trend in stock prices on the Taiwan bourse, especially in the wake of the death of Apple cofounder Steve Jobs. Consumers in the United States snatched up more than 1 million units in pre-orders shortly after his passing. Compared to previous models, the most important upgrades in an iPhone 4S are its A5 processor, the 8-megapixel camera, and a brand new operation system, the iOS5. Of the three, only the upgraded camera has profited Taiwan suppliers, Largan Precision and Genius Electronic Optical in this case.

As a result, the shares prices of Largan Precision had increased by a whopping 19.86 percent after the first three trading day of the week before giving back a little yesterday.