Masturbating motorist busted by policewoman

The China Post news staff

A show-off masturbator trying to make himself an eyesore in front of female bikers was caught red handed in his car by a female police officer in Gueishan Township, Taoyuan County, yesterday.

And the man, a New Taipei resident identified by his surname Chen, wasn’t man enough to face the music at home or in his work place, pleading with the officer not wanting to let his wife and his employer know what he had done. According to eyewitnesses, the female squad leader was on her way back to the office at 8 a.m. by motorbike, dressed in her civilian clothes, when she spotted the man, who was masturbating in his car, pants down. When he saw the officer, he motioned toward his exposed organ with his eyes and flashed a creepy smile.

The officer at first did not bother him, but moved on until the man rolled his car forward and tooted his car horn to attract the policewoman’s attention.

Angered by this show of shamelessness, the officer pulled her motorbike in front of the car, blocking its way forward and called for support. She even helped her colleagues gather evidence when Chen was arrested. “Don’t panic, but scream for help” was the advice she gave to females in danger of getting sexually abused. “Don’t let them get away with it, try to note down their license plate, and be sure to call the police,” she said.