5 foreigners indicted for theft from Taipei homes


TAIPEI–Taipei prosecutors yesterday indicted a group of five foreign nationals on charges of aggravated theft, according to law enforcement officials.

The five people were arrested at a hotel in Taipei in connection with seven alleged cases of theft, one day before their planned departure from the country, prosecutors said.

According to the indictment, Kal Chang Nam of South Korea and Daniel Adrian Cortes Sanchez of Colombia met each other in South Korea and came to Taiwan with three other Colombians on Aug. 10.

They checked into a Taipei hotel and allegedly started the next day to break into houses and apartments in the Daan and Nangang districts, two upscale areas in the city, the indictment said.

During the arrest of the five suspects, law enforcement officials found a large amount of cash and stolen items such as brand-name watches and jewelry, prosecutors said.

DNA evidence found in a burglarized apartment was matched to Sanchez, prosecutors said. He and the other suspects have confessed to the offenses and been detained, prosecutors added.