Taiwan life expectancy reaches record high 79.18 in ’10: gov’t

The China Post news staff

The China Post news staff–The Ministry of the Interior (MOI) announced the 2010 average life expectancy of the Taiwanese people as a record high of 79.18 years old, yesterday, with residents of Taipei being the most long-living population and those in Taitung County the least so.

According to the MOI, in regards of the growth of the population’s age, Taiwan has kept in pace with many developed countries over the past decade: the Taiwanese people’s 2010 average life expectancy was 2.72 years more than that of 10 years ago, while the average life expectancy of the Japanese had extended by two years, the Americans one, and the Germans three. Statistics had it that in 2010, Taiwanese people’s average life expectancy was one year longer than that of Americans and one to two years shorter than that of developed European nations; when compared with fellow Asian nations, it was higher than that of mainland China, Malaysia, and the Philippines, but lower than that of Japan, South Korea, and Singapore.

The life table, as calculated by gender by the MOI, indicated that in Taiwan, 2010, the average life expectancy is 6.42 years higher for women than for men, at 76.13 for males and 82.55 for females, averaging to 79.18.

The Taiwanese region that celebrated the most long-living population in 2010 was Taipei, at 82.42 years old, while New Taipei City placed second at 80.30 years old. Just like in 2009, residents of Taitung County had the lowest life expectancy of 74.24, with Hualien County placing second to last at 74.96 years old. This overall increase in life expectancy had been due to the rising survival rate and dropping mortality, which could be contributed by the ever-improving medical and health technology and the emphasis on leading healthy lifestyles, as the public has grown to accentuate, the MOI pointed out.