Forestry Bureau donates to cat protection group


BRUSSELS — Taiwan’s Forestry Bureau under the Council of Agriculture donated US$10,000 Friday to the Switzerland-based International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Cat Specialist Group.

The funds will be used for conservation projects for small cat species in Southeast Asia. Taiwan has been sponsoring the cat specialist group since 2006 in the form of various projects and publications, such as establishing a feline digital library, a special issue of the organization’s magazine “Cats of the World” and a project to produce educational material on the conservation of wild cats. The donations show Taiwan’s stance in active participation in international organizations and fulfilling its obligations in the international community, according to officials of the Taipei Cultural and Economic Delegation in Switzerland.

The group consists of over 200 cat experts and specialists in 57 countries around the world dedicated to helping conserve the planet’s wild cat species.

The Cat Specialist Group is active in the preservation, restoration and surveying of endangered cat species such as tigers, clouded leopards and lynx.