File-sharing site closes in ongoing copyright fight


TAIPEI — A local file-sharing company popular in Taiwan has closed its peer-to-peer file-sharing Foxy program after a long-term dispute over copyright.

Foxy Media Inc. said Saturday it decided to terminate services because they could help users to illegally download files.

“Foxy’s strong file-sharing function has resulted in severe leakage of confidential information, as some users were using the program improperly. For this reason, a court in Taiwan has ruled it to be controversial software,” Foxy Media said in a statement.

In April 2009, Foxy Media President Li Hsien-ming was charged with violating the Copyright Act.

Prosecutors argued that the Foxy file exchange website and the file-sharing program infringed upon the music copyrights of What’s Music International Inc. and Universal Music Group and the film copyrights of Disney, Warner Brothers and 20th Century Fox.