Disabled cyclists peddle on in round-island tour


TAIPEI — A group of 25 physically challenged cyclists overcame some of the most arduous parts of a round-the-island cycle tour — a road test for bicycles specifically made for the physically challenged — and reached the eastern county of Hualien Sunday, the organizers said that day.

The bikers set off Oct. 16 from Nantou, central Taiwan and traveled south down the west coast, according to the Department of Industrial Technology under the Ministry of Economic Affairs, which developed the bikes and organized the road test.

The department said that shortly after the group entered Pingtung County a day earlier, the riders had the most challenging part, a climb to the county’s Shouka, which has an elevation of some 500 meters.

From Pingtung to Taitung’s Taimali Township in eastern Taiwan, the route also comprised demanding terrain, including a 12-km downhill ride, the department said.

The department said that making sure the machines can overcome such challenging terrain is one of the important criteria for the makers before putting the bikes on the market.